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HOsiHO was launched from France in 2014 by Sami Sarkis and yet represents a group of 150+ talented professionals based at the four corners of France and the world. 

Our collections of aerial stock images are open to any talented creator wishing to market an existing stock collection.

HOsiHO images are part of the following indexation portals which increases our visibility to international buyers: 

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Our goal is to gather the bests aerial authors and supply national and international customers with the most beautiful aerial images depicting the outstanding natural and architectural sites of France, Europe and the world. 


Partners must produce their own aerial images and videos using any aircraft whatsoever that is duly empowered to operate, e.g. drone, microlight, helicopter, airplane, paramotor, hot air balloon etc.

The images sold on this site are those produced by their authors such as cinematographers and service operators who have given us the right to represent and market their aerial stock footage and stills.  


We are growing fast and constantly need new images, especially videos taken by drones in 4K from any iconic world location. HOsiHO will showcase its unique collection in 2017 at those major fairs:



Find out what we have to offer and how to contribute to HOsiHO!


Please, feel free to read our following press releases: Sell Aerial Images (december 2014) - PR February 2016PR January 2017 - PR May 2017 and the related press news (mostly in french): 

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