Sell Aerial Images Press Release, december 15th 2014

 Sell Aerial Images Press Release, december 15th 2014 : how to sell your aerial & drone images ?






Launched in Marseille in February 2014 by professionals in audiovisual and piloting, HOsiHO image collection is dedicated to providing the very best photos and aerial videos using all types of aircraft: drone, microlight, helicopter, paramotor or plane.

The images, which are immediately available for download, are either those that HOsiHO agency produced on its own initiative or those of third parties who have given HOsiHO a mandate to represent. These third parties include photographers, video filmmakers, producers, service providers and operators.

The photos are in high definition and video film clips are full HD or 4K.

All HOsiHO images represent the essence France and show landmarks in all the French regions taken in every season: landscapes, towns, cities and monuments, all filmed or photographed in a new way, with creativity and innovation.

HOsiHO agency founder Sami Sarkis says: "Until now, such aerial filming and photography was only available to order at relatively high rates. We want to democratise the views of the sky with a standardised comprehensive offer, which includes immediate availability for download around the world.

“We have hundreds of aerial stock videos and thousands of images. An English version will be available shortly and then Spanish by mid-2015 to reach international customers and thus increase our sales to the four corners of the world. HOsiHO is powered by talented professional providers of aerial photography and specialist in aerial filming in exact accordance with French law. Our trading platform is also open to producers wishing to exploit their footage shot in France and whose holdings-rights are available." 

On the pricing side, the positioning of the HOsiHO agency is clear: no microstock or race to the lowest price!

Sami Sarkis is a photographer / director represented by large macro-stock agencies including Getty and Corbis, and he is very clear on this subject: "Our prices must be fair for both stock producers and buyers. It is true that times have changed and a 30-second film clip cannot sell today for thousands of dollars, but it can easily sell for hundreds, much higher than the microstock low-cost rates for certain sites. I believe, as a new industry, we need to take a stand and ensure professionals’ work is not given away for pennies. At HOsiHO, we will never devalue the work of image makers - quite the opposite!”


Along with a commitment to offer a fair share of sale prices to creators, HOsiHO is pursuing a long-term task: to produce and gather under its banner rare and spectacular aerial images made possible with the latest technologies: drones, the Video Ultra HD 4K, very high resolution picture (36mpix), affordable and effective stabilisation systems. Sami Sarkis says: "HOsiHO contributors get 50% of the sale price and in return we expect them to produce exceptional pictures: technical prowess is a prerequisite! The concept, originality, choice of subjects, angles, lighting, framing and flight profile are all vital elements. Our photos and video stand out in this incessant flow of images that feeds our 24/7 Internet because they are technically exceptional. Our positioning is deliberately high-end, and we are creating - from scratch - a collection that will be distinguished not only by the innovative technology but also by the singular eye of our contributors and partners."

Another exceptional feature of HOsiHO is their Shoot-On-Demand service. "We are the only agency to date, open to all talents, to offer our contributors the chance to participate in our reagent-provider network throughout the French territory. With our Shoot-On-Demand service, if the customer cannot find the image in our collection, they can ask us to use our network of professionals to shoot the video or photography for them. The principle is simple: if we consider that the image is capable of generating multiple sales, and will be profitable, then we send the request to the author in nearest available place in France. If he wants to make the images, at his own cost, we provide them quickly to clients to secure and finalise the sale. He remains the sole owner and can therefore capitalise on this and other future sales bearing in mind that, because of Shoot-On-Demand, he will now know there is already a demand for images of that location.

Under the Shoot-On-Demand service, the customer only pays the price of the license and not the price of commissioning the service. In addition, the customer makes no firm commitment upstream, he simply activates the specific desire to shoot the aerial image. The agency and therefore the photographer, or filmmaker, are speculating on the potential sales! You have to weigh the pros and cons, and I want to clarify that HOsiHO do not intended to undermine the market for the provision of conventional aerial photography. We therefore take turns within the network to shoot generic images, and often find many clients thereafter, which result in our authors earning more money!”  


HOsiHO is growing fast and there is an increasing demand for their products and services. That means the agency is always looking for new contributors capable of producing high-quality work for clients, especially images taken by drones (or other vector flying at low altitude), showing the sites in the French regions in all seasons.

If you have quality stock images of France, and you are willing to constantly undertake new shots in your area, then the agency would like to hear from you today!

Please contact them by email with the precise list of your images, given that:

  1. You hold all rights and flights were operated legally
  2. Non-exclusive marketing contract will be offered by the agency HOsiHO (you can always sell them elsewhere or on your own site yourself)
  3. In the event of a sale, you receive 50% of the price paid by the customer
  4. Full HD videos or 4K, already assembled and post-processed, stable, vibration or shadow of the drone (no GoPro images)
  5. Images must clearly "breathe" the season when they were shot
  6. The site, landscape or city should be an emblematic icon of the French region: the choice is very wide and is at your discretion!

Find out what HOsiHO has to offer to both buyers and sellers of stock shots.

  • Perfect knowledge of the world of aerial photography and aerial filming: initiated and led by Sami Sarkis, image author for 30 years, and represented by the major agencies including Getty, Alamy and Age Fotostock
  • High-end positioning: only open to talented photographers and filmmakers, working in compliance with all aviation regulations
  • Clear and strong identity with a specialised collection of France from above: little competition, we occupy a niche market in which recommendation and awareness is paramount
  • Good ranking on Google and other search engines because beautiful images that can’t be found will never sell!
  • Website e-commerce, professional and simple - multilingual: we aim to sell to the four corners of the world!
  • In-house development relevant keywords that accompany each image, to make it easier for buyers and increase your chances of sales
  • Fair selling price that satisfies both the authors and buyers: no low-cost prices or microstock!
  • Dynamic online marketing and presence at the biggest trade fairs
  • Pool of loyal customers in audiovisual production and TV companies
  • Shoot-On-Demand Service: shooting on demand across France via our network of partners



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