Client's Aerial Footage Requests #201

Aerial & ground footage of Ecuador

Client's Aerial Footage Request #201 - Ecuador

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HOsiHO have a new client request for Ground, Aerial or Drone Footage that we don't have yet online. Maybe you have it on your side ?

Please let us know asap, so we could seal the deal with the buyer.


Request #201 - ECUADOR 

Request #197 CAMBODGE  

Customer Brief: 

• Anything of the Choco region of Ecuador,
Indigenous children and families in everyday life in Ecuador (if no, Ecuador, somewhere in the Amazon)
• Children and families in small Ecuadorian villages - everyday life
City of Quito shots (should feel slightly worse for wear - not shiny, happy or glamorous )
• Recent footage and stills of hunters and poachers in the Ecuador rainforest (or similar area like the Amazon) We want to set up the idea that depsite conservation efforts a lot of illegal poaching still happens in this area. Hunters should look local not tourists with trophy kills. A hunter in the woods stalking their kill. It could also be armed guys walking in the forest. Could be tribe in Amazon. People skinning animals or preparing meat that was just killed from hunting

Type of project: Documentary Film

Deadline : ASAP - max February 17th, 2020


Please let us know if you can supply one of those requests in the coming days and upload it via your Contributor Portal naming the batch #201

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