More Customer's Needs for Covid-19 Related Images

Aerial / Drone / Ground Photos and Videos of Deserted Cities (Worldwide)

More Customers Needs for Covid-19 Related Images 

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HOsiHO's customers have a high-demand on any Covid-19 related images : either Aerial / Drone / Ground footage & photos showing urban life - worldwide - during the outbreak.

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Already 2000 clips from almost 60 confined cities are available online !

Many more to come. Thank you all for the great work that has challenged INA and asked us to deliver 50 clips from 10 cities by Monday. Others will follow.


Our customer and media emailing on Wednesday saw an unprecedented number of clicks and new customers registered. Three press articles on our Covid-19 collection have already been published.


BUT, we still lack images at man height, ie. at 1.5/2m, of these empty squares, streets, roads and sidewalks. We just missed the sale of ground images of empty cities for a current advertising campaign.

This was because the ground images were too low and the aerial images too high.

So think of making some, as well as photos, because the press and advertising will need them.


Update April 12th, 2020 : We lack images of these cities: all European capitals and main cities of the world.

Both Aerial, Ground + Timelapse.


While on location, please take also some footage and pictures at the ground level : by foot, by bike, by car, it doesn't matter, but think that this is an absolutely unique moment in our contemporary history and that these images will have a life span of 20 years, and beyond!


It's up to you, and it's now or never.


Be careful and respect the rules, sanitary and aerial!


Please let us know if you can supply one of those requests in the coming days and upload it via your Contributor Portal naming the batch #Covid19

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