Client's Aerial Stock Footage Request #209

Aerial Stock Footage of spectacular, cinematic beauty shots of rainforest and wildlife in Ecuadorian rainforest.

Client's Aerial Footage Request #209

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HOsiHO have a new client request for Aerial or Drone Photography that we don't have yet online. 

Maybe you have it on your side ?

Please let us know asap, so we could seal the deal with the buyer.


Request #209 - Ecuadorian Rainforest 


Customer Brief: For a US documentary series we are looking for spectacular, cinematic beauty shots of rainforest and wildlife in Ecuadorian rainforest. 4K or higher. 

We ideally want footage from the Ecuador rainforest but will go with clips from anywhere in the Amazon if nothing turns up from Ecuador.


  • Rainforest beauty shots (Ecuador or Amazon)
  • Insects native to Ecuador - beetles, bullet ants, leaf cutter ants, bees, butterflies 
  • Birds native equador - Blue and Yellow Macaw, great green macaw, Toucans, hummingbirds, rhinoceros beetle
  • Frogs - tree frogs, glass frogs (colorful and cool looking would be ideal)
  • Big Cats - puma, jaguar
  • Monkeys- Howler monkeys, capuchin monkey
  • Would love shots with audio of animals vocalizing.


Type of project: Documentary film


Deadline : May 10th 2020 

Please let us know if you can supply one of those requests in the coming days and upload it via your Contributor Portal naming the batch #209

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