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Visuel Client Request-UK

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Image Client's Request Example
#234 - Various Sites and Cities



Client Brief: For a new museum in Qatar, we are looking for the following images for its permanent exhibition, only in 4K or more: 


Fathepur Sikri site, India

- Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun, Cairo

- Umayyad Mosque, Damascus 

- Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem

- Ribat of Monastir, Tunisia (fortress)

- Ribat de Sousse, Tunisia (fortress)

- Interior of the mosque in Cordoba, Spain

- Architectural and ornamental details of the mosques of Cairo (ablaq, ironwork, carved wood, domes)

- Large Ottoman chandeliers installed in mosques

- Sand desert (Sahara / dunes in Qatar)

- Rocky desert (United Arab Emirates / Oman)


Historic districts and emblematic buildings in :

- Jerusalem

- Damascus

- Cairo, including the Al Azahr and Al Aqmar mosques

- Baghdad

- Archaeological site of Samarra and the Al Mutawakkil Mosque in Iraq


Type of project: Museum Exhibition


Deadline : mid-January, 2021

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