Aerial & Ground Footage Client's Request #256

Aerial / Drone Footage Client's Request #256

Visuel Client Request-UK

HOsiHO have a new client request for Aerial & Drone stock ootage that we don't have yet online. If have it on your side, let us know asap, so we could maybe license it.


Request #256 - Mediterranean - 4K+

Client Brief: For a very natural documentary series on the Mediterranean Sea, I'm looking for drone and timelapse shots, 4K or + exclusively, cinematic with very smooth movements, of these themes and places:


  • Spectacular aerial shots of heroic vineyards (Banyuls, Croatia, Italy, Pantelleria, Canaries, Azores...)
  • Mass tourism in the Mediterranean, crowded beaches. (Spain, Italy...)
  • Storms breaking on the Mediterranean coast
  • Wide shots of Ithaca/Cephalonia (Greece)
  • Wide shots of Puglia: wheat fields, Italian countryside
  • Tuscany: drone views of the cultivated countryside (Italy)
  • Spectacular aerial shots of Cinque Terre (Italy)
  • Wide aerial shots of the Genoese coast (Italy)
  • Wide aerial shots of the north Moroccan coast
  • Aerial shots of beautiful Provencal domains on the French Riviera with vegetation, parks, trees and gardens (wine domains or others)
  • Passage shot of a beautiful Provencal estate towards the sea(France)
  • Beautiful aerial shots of Camargue, with flamingos
  • Estuary of the Rhone, then we go to the sea
  • Vertical forward flight (top shot) from sea to olive grove
  • Very nice drone shots of olive trees



Type of project : TV documentary


Deadline : April 20, 2021

Please let us know if you can supply one of those requests in the coming days and upload it via your Contributor Portal naming the batch #256

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