What images sold in November 2019 through HOsiHO.com !

A selection of footage and photographs purchased by our customers

Discover a selection of licensed footage by HOsiHO

- November 2019 -


The sharing of this information is intended to help aerial cinematographers and UAV pilots 

to better understand the market and its expectations, therefore to submit images that will sell

better or more often, and all in all, to improve the experience of our media buyers.

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This drone video has been sold as well as 3 other clips to a producer of a international 

documentary about Forest Fires - here is another aerial footage sold for this project #1030818

First broadcast of the Giant Fires program on ARTE, January 28, 2020.

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Aerial drone footage of a building complex in Villier Le Bel, sold for a french feature film

The Earth and the blood directed by Julien Leclercq with Sami Bouajila - Theather release on 10/02/2020

Aerial footage filmed by drone in Romainville, sold for a film to promote a territory


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Drone video of Lyon city (France) to be used in a french TV program on TF1

This aerial view of Christ church cathedral, Oxford, England, will be used in a TV documentary 

Many thanks to our customers, and congratulations to the contributors !