Our French drone pilot network is celebrating its third anniversary!

It's already the 3rd anniversary of the HOsiHO network!

HOsiHO is happy to celebrate the third anniversary of its HOsiHO Drone Network!

A network of French UAV pilots that the stock aerial video and photography bank created in November 2017, in order to direct its own international and French customers in the search for specific customised aerial images by drone.

Three years have gone by, and the UAV pilots, members of the network, have each just published their testimonials on what they find so special and essential to this group of telepilots, whose originality and specificity remains unique!

All of them draw up an assessment of the achievements, the path accomplished and the prospects for the future.

Read the article on the HOsiHO Drone Network website!

UK-Trombi Hosiho Drone Network

The main reasons that makes HOsiHO Drone Network a truly apart network: 

  • A network relying on a aerial image bank
  • Each member is invited by HOsiHO agency on the basis of his talent and creativity as a visual artist 
  • No commission received by the network on the assignments carried out 
  • Uniform rates for drone services, based on a common reference grid 
  • No competition between members, each one having its own exclusive region
  • No anonymity, each UAV pilot can be contacted directly by e-mail or telephone
  • A group on a human scale, supportive and professional
  • Spotlight on drone operators (Blog, Facebook  Exhibitions, Press release, ...)
  • Sharing of knowledge, gear, and complex and/or multi-site aerial/ground assignments - 
  • Special Operations carried out nationwide (live streaming, filming of urgent local issues)

Read also, the overview on the best way to find a professional UAV pilot in France.


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