Shoot-On-Demand Service


 Shoot-On-Demand Service 

 (available only in France)




HOsiHO has a growing collection of aerial photos and videos for you to download today. But if you can’t find a photo or video online, it may still be in our database offline, so do not hesitate to contact us.
If it turns out that we don’t have the aerial photo or video you need from France only, we can, under certain conditions, shoot it very quickly through our network of partners-authors (all DGAC certified pilots - drones, microlight, airplane, helicopter, PPG), and make it instantly available online for you to download, just like any other saved images on this website.
This service will only cost you the price of the license of the image.


Shoot-On-Demand is an incredibly economical service compared to the price of a normal commissioned aerial shoot. Obviously, the photographer who shot the image or author of the video stock film footage owns the copyright and they will retain all economic rights, i.e. they own the image or video but they will sell you a license.
To use our Shoot-On-Demand service or find out more, please contact us via this form, or phone for emergencies on +33 768.347.313, with all the details of the photos or videos that you need for your project and your deadline.
We will confirm feasibility with you within 12 hours for your Shoot-On-Demand!





Alternatively, if you need a custom drone shooting (in France), you can directely hire one of our selected UAV pilot through our new B2B platform, HOsiHO Drone Network. You'll quickly find the nearest pro to your location, by clicking on the interactive map of France.

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