HOsiHO Drone Network 

Our drone pilot network (France only)

To complete our offer of aerial stock images, 

HOsiHO is pleased to provide custom drone services for clients

looking for a drone shooting in France with selected talented UAV pilots !

Through our B2B platform HOsiHO Drone Networkyou'll quickly be able, and without any doubt, find and hire one of our selected french drone pilot.

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Composed by experienced and certified drone pilots, chosen exclusively among the most active contributors of the aerial stock footage agency, they are based all around France and French West Indies, thus are able to respond to any request for drone and ground shooting nearby their local base.

All have been carefully selected for their outstanding images and the high quality of their services.

What distinguishes our drone network from any another one is that the connection with the local drone pilot is free 

No commission is perceived by the agency.



The coverage of metropolitan France is total and the unifying principles of HOsiHO Drone Network labeled operators are:

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- Every drone operator radiates on the French departments bordering his headquarter, near the shooting sites

- A perfect knowledge of the suroundings

- Reduced travel expenses

- A great reactivity and very helpful for scouting

- Reasonnable drone shooting fares with homogeneous rates

- Aerial work in accordance with French civil aviation regulations

- The most appropriate creative and technical response to customer request

- Creative contributors, with a premium collection of aerial stock footage distributed through HOsiHO.com



HOsiHO.net platform operating principle :

To find the nearest drone operator in the department where your shooting must take place, simply click on the interactive France map on the home page and then take a direct look at its offer on its presentation page. There, you'll get its coordinates as well as its main references and fields of expertise.

One can also request a quotation via the form, that is only sent to the nearest operator.
There is therefore no competition between drone pilots.

HOsiHO Drone Network has choosen to give the bonus to proximity, on the assumption that the knowledge of the suroundings is crucial while the travel expenses lighter. All members meeting the same quality and professionalism standards.


HOsiHO Drone Network is happy to share its exclusive partnership in France with the new API SmartAerial PANO that allow drones with a specific setting of camera/lens to deliver quickly Giga-photos aerial panoramas shot by UAV.


Of course, the HOsiHO collection, your source for new aerial stock images, continues, more than ever, to expand in order to bring you the most beautiful views on the world, and France !

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