HOsiHO is home for professional aerial cinematographers and producers

shooting legally stunning aerial images !


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Since 2014, we aggregate highly-curated collections of stunning aerial images legally shot,

that we distribute worldwide through HOsiHO.com

HOsiHO as a stock footage and photography agency is member of FOCAL International based in London.

(Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries International)

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We would be proud to represent your best aerial videos, whether taken by drone, helicopter, microlight, airplane

or even a balloon, provided they are duly authorised by local regulations!


Our clients want stock footage that show the essence of every location from above!

We always need any aerial image showing World heritage: the most beautiful landscapes, towns, villages, cities and monuments. 

Filmed at all seasons, at the most beautiful hours with new and dramatic angles (drone effect for example, or Cineflex).

All major and secondary sites and landmarks, plus all outdoor activities.

News topics are not required unless they have long-term selling potential (e.g. for archive footage).

We are also fond of images representing concepts such as:


                                          • Beauty in Nature
                                          • Escapism
                                          • Pollution and Climate Change
                                          • Seasons
                                          • Transportation
                                          • Lifestyle
                                          • Togetherness
                                          • Sports


All those conceptual images can be shot anywhere and are highly in demand by our buyers.

What we have to offer

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  • Perfect knowledge of the aerial photography and aerial filming world: managed by Sami Sarkis, image creator for over 35 years, represented by major agencies like Getty, Alamy and Age Fotostock
  • Since 6 years, a high-end positioning: HOsiHO's highly-curated collections are only open to talented photographers and filmmakers, working in compliance with all aviation regulations.
  • Clear and strong identity with specialised collections seen from above: little competition, we occupy a niche market in which recommendation and awareness is paramount
  • Excellent SEO ranking on Google and all social networks: beautiful images that can’t be found will never sell
  •  Super-fast E-commerce website, professional and bilingual french/english: we aim to sell to the four corners of the world
  • In-house development relevant keywords that accompany each image, to make it easier for buyers and increase your chances of sales
  • Fair selling price that satisfies both the authors and buyers: no low-cost prices or microstock
  • Your images directly under the eyes of the most important international image buyers via our website and our partners
  • Pool of hundreds of loyal customers in audiovisual production and TV companies
  • You earn 50% from any sale
  • Shoot-On-Demand: our shooting on demand service, via our network of partners

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How to apply as a contributor ?

(and start earning money from your aerial & drone footage)

  • First, you need to contact us through this Contributor Application Form: we ask you to provide a link to your online best aerial images or portfolio so we can do an initial evaluation.
  • If your work meets our quality standards and search criteria, we will offer you a non-exclusive contributor agreement. Non-exclusive means that you'll still be able to sell your images elsewhere, or directly, and of course use them for your own promotion.
  • You must be the author of the submitted images, or his/her accredited representative
  • Please read about our key tips that will help you to make a living from your best aerial & drone footage


Basic principles regarding your copyright

                  • You keep the physical and intellectual property (‘property rights’)
                  • You give us only the right to sell on your behalf (non-exclusive representation)
                  • You can still sell them yourself or through other non-exclusive agencies nearly at the same price than through HOsiHO
                  • The customer does not buy a picture or film, just the right to use it under a license that the agency charges for.