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HOsiHO.com : Aerial Photography and Videos

You need original and professional aerial photographs or videos made according to your needs ? 
Welcome to HOsiHO ! We are an agency created by experienced artists. Our main focus is to make available to everyone, legal and high quality aerial footage or stills, all this at a reasonable price.
However, what we do is not limited to that. Our philosophy is also to allow visual artists to make a living from their work. So, whether you are looking to sell your productions or to buy some for your needs, we have what you need.

Our services for your aerial photos and videos

As the name HOsiHO implies (High So High, from french), we are an aerial image bank. We have multiple collections from hundreds of artists. The videos you will see here are shot, most of the time with drones, airplanes or helicopters, and always by professional artists. 
The Agency was created for two reasons that still constitute the foundations of its activity. The first one; to bring on the market high quality aerial images so that those who need it can get it at very interesting prices. The second; to be an honest intermediary between talented authors who wish to make a living from their art and clients who need their work.
Moreover, if you can't find the type of visuals you are looking for on our site, or if you want something more personalized, our artists will be happy to work on demand in order to satisfy you at best.

HOsiHO Editors' Picks Selection

Outstanding pictures and videos

The advantage we have is that we have set the standards very high from the beginning when it comes to the quality of the photos and videos we add to our galleries. This means that all the imagery on our platform meets high standards of achievement, whether it's an aerial photography, video footage, stock image, aerial video or anything else.

Our contributors

If we at HOsiHO.com have managed to establish ourselves as one of the go-to platforms for those looking for aerial images, videos and timelapses, it's because we have amazing creators whose expertise is duly attested. In fact, all those we agree to work with are references in their field. Just take a look at our image bank to see how talented they are.

Our aerial & drone images collections

When it comes to our stock image and video collections, you'll find that not only are they populated on a very regular basis by our contributors, but they cover a wide range of subject matter. While this is partly due to customer demand, it is also due to the fact that each artist offers something unique, which adds value to each image.
Also, the fact that our authors are spread all over the world allows us to satisfy the needs of all those who request our services.

Join us

As you may have understood, the high quality service we offer to our clients is guaranteed by the fact that we have very talented and skilled professionals. So, if while browsing our site, you feel like joining us and being part of those who sell their aerial photos and videos, you can do so without any problems.
Our reputation, our worldwide coverage and our partners located in the four corners of the globe allow us to make your most beautiful images seen by millions of people and buyers. To join us, simply fill out this form. We will proudly showcase your best work, so that not only will your work be recognized, but it will also make you money.