Current trends in the use of drone imagery to promote tourist destinations

Jardins châaeau de Chenonceau

The visual advantages of the drone for tourism promotion

The use of drones in tourism promotion has revolutionized our perception of destinations, offering a new and captivating point of view. According to research conducted by National Geographic in 2018, aerial shots attract more visitors by highlighting landscapes and points of interest in an immersive way.

View a breathtaking flyover of the Alpine mountains or explore on the fly of the idyllic beaches of a Polynesian atoll. The drone offers this unique chance of wonder while being comfortably installed at home. This novelty gives another dimension to the tourist adventure traditional.

The decor is no longer simply admired, it is experienced in a different aspect thanks to the drone which makes visible what was previously unattainable or complex to grasp in its entirety. Much more than a simple technological tool, the drone thus transforms into a true spokesperson for each tourist location wishing to present its natural and architectural wonders.

The introduction of drones for tourism advertising enriches our vision of the world and stimulates our desire to escape with authenticity and inventiveness. We are invited to marvel at the visual performances provided by this avant-garde tool which brings landscapes to life like never before.

Use technological innovation

Technological innovation has always been at the heart of the evolution of the tourism sector, and the use of drones perfectly illustrates this fact.

These flying devices, equipped with a high definition camera, mark the start of a new era for the promotion of tourist places. They offer the possibility of exploring landscapes from a unique angle, providing observers with a unique view.

Through this advanced technology, it is now feasible to capture breathtaking images from the air. Drones can fly over towering mountains, skim crystal clear water or even enter dark caverns to reveal their buried secrets. The immersive experience provided by these aerial images is not only visual; it also affects the hearts and minds of the spectators.

However, using a drone is not just about taking photos or videos from the sky. It’s also an opportunity to express your creativity like never before. With a bit of imagination and a lot of passion for their profession, each operator can transform their shots into true masterpieces that will fascinate every spectator.

With their revolutionary innovation and limitless creative potential, drones represent more than just a technical tool: they are an inexhaustible source of intense emotions that can bring any destination to life tourist!

chateau de Chenonceau-1Aerial view by drone of the Château de Chenonceau © Drone-Pictures/HOsiHO

Promote architectural heritage

Have you ever thought about the visual impact that a historical monument could have, filmed from the sky by a drone? Using drones to showcase architectural treasures is a modern trend that is gaining ground.

The aerial view offers a new dimension to buildings and constructions

histories of which we are so proud. It allows us to capture architectural details invisible from the ground, while highlighting the impressive grandeur of world heritage.

•A medieval castle can be viewed from all angles, revealing its imposing towers and drawbridge.
•Gothic cathedrals are magnified by their arrows raised towards the sky.
•The complex arrangement of a fortified citadel becomes more intelligible when observed from above.
The precise design of the French gardens stands out clearly in the surrounding vegetation.
•Even traditional dwellings seem to come alive when seen together, forming a harmonious picture with their colorful roofs and smoking chimneys.

By offering these new perspectives on our common history, we invite spectators to rediscover what constitutes our cultural wealth.

IImages captured by drones are not just a marketing tool; they actively contribute to educating the public about our architectural past. So don't hesitate: rely on this technology to encourage tourists to come and explore your heritage. See this Drone-Pictures clip made at the Château de Chenonceau mixing aerial images and ground shots. A great visual example of the possibilities in this area. Note that drone plans are available in stockshots on HOsiHO..

Create immersive experiences with aerial video

The use of drone images to promote a tourist destination offers a new perspective, thus providing a unique and captivating visual aspect. A study carried out by The Guardian in 2017 demonstrates that these visuals can contribute to the revitalization of tourist places by economic difficulty thanks to the attraction of new visitors. Aerial imagery designs immersive experiences generating emotion and sensation in the viewer. It's not just about entertainment; we are referring to an aerial exploration that transports the audience on a virtual journey rich in visual stimuli. This interactivity allows the viewer to feel immersed in the destination presented, giving them the impression of being physically there while being comfortably seated behind their screen. The grandiose landscapes are revealed from an innovative angle, offering breathtaking panoramas usually reserved for birds. To conclude, using drone images to promote a tourist destination is more than just a marketing tool: it is an artistic and innovative way to share with the whole world all the hidden beauty that each place can offer.


Optimizing marketing campaigns in tourism

In an era where digital is omnipresent, improving marketing campaigns in the tourism sector requires an innovative and progressive approach. The use of aerial images captured by drones constitutes an effective communication tool to highlight a destination.

Introducing these spectacular views allows travel agencies and tourism bureaus to take their branding to the next level.

They present potential tourists with an incomparable panorama, encouraging them to fantasize and imagine themselves in the highlighted destination.

These fascinating images are ideally designed to be shared on social platforms. Thanks to their ability to spread quickly, they can reach a large audience very quickly and generate more interactions than traditional content.

The sharpness of the architectural details captured by the drones makes each view unique, creating a striking visual identity that reinforces the popularity of the location among intrigued travelers.

It is therefore crucial to integrate the use of aerial images taken by drones into any tourism-related marketing strategy to create an immersive user experience that encourages travel while highlighting highlights local heritage.

Overcoming regulatory challenges

In the exciting area of using drone imagery to promote tourism destinations, there are a few regulatory hurdles.

The current legal framework requires special care and deep knowledge of local and international restrictions on drone flight.

Each country has its own regulations regarding the use of drones.

Some require prior authorization, while others impose strict limits on areas where theft is permitted. For us, professionals in the audiovisual sector, it is vital to understand this reality and take appropriate measures to ensure responsible and legal use of drones.

In this respect, it is worth remembering that the collection of aerial drone images that HOsiHO offers is only produced by professionals flying legally in their respective country. Customers who wish to use drone images in stock are thus assured of peaceful enjoyment.

Alternatively to image banks, it may prove essential to hire the services of a drone pilot in the country or region to be filmed. It will be a question of not making a mistake when choosing the remote pilot. For this, HOsiHO offers two solutions to allow you to find a talented professional close to the destination to be flown by drone:

In France, our drone network of pilotsestablished in France since 2017
For the rest of the world, the global directory of drone pilots, with the Dronestag Directory, managed by HOsiHO.

Despite these obvious challenges, the artistic potential offered by these devices remains grandiose. Aerial images captured by drones offer a unique perspective that can radically transform potential travelers' perception of a tourist destination.

Navigating this legal maze can seem intimidating at first, but with a good understanding of the regulations and preparation adequate before each aerial filming, we will not only respect the legal framework but also fully exploit the incredible potential offered by this innovative technology in our exciting tourism industry visual.

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