Presentation of the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network

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History of the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network

The history of the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network is rich and fascinating. Its creation dates back to 2017, an initiative taken by the aerial image bank HOsiHO, wishing to offer a qualitative and reliable service in terms of drone imagery.

The network quickly developed to cover the entire French territory with more than 20 DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) certified professional remote pilots. The latter are specialized in producing high definition aerial images in France.

Over the years, this network has established itself as a key player in the civil drone sector thanks to its technical expertise and its ability to meet the specific needs of the most demanding customers. It not only offers an efficient solution for capturing aerial images but also various associated services such as mixed Drone and Ground filming, location scouting, FPV drone or even professional video editing.

Thus, since its creation until today, HOsiHO Drone Network has continued to evolve while remaining faithful to its fundamental values: quality of the services provided and strict compliance with the safety rules related to drone piloting.

Operation of the HOsiHO Drone Remote Pilot Network Drone Network

How the drone remote pilot network works HOsiHO Drone Network is a combination of technical expertise, Cartesian rigor and a creative approach. With nationally qualified and certified professional pilots, we guarantee not only customer satisfaction but also operational excellence.

The key steps to understanding how it works are: 

  • Recruitment : Each pilot is carefully selected from among the authors of the image bank, according to their technical skills, experience, certification and location.
  • Mission : Missions are distributed to pilots according to their geographic location and/or their specific expertise.
  • Production : The work in the field is done in strict compliance with safety standards, while highlighting our artistic sensitivity to obtain the best possible images.
  • Delivery and invoicing: The captured images are sent directly to the client by the pilot, who invoices his customer without having to pay commission to the network.
  • The client is then invited to comment and rate the services provided by the network member. This notice is published on the presentation page of each drone pilot.

Our network thus offers a complete solution - from planning to final delivery of the product. Our commitment does not stop there. We remain available for any further assistance or advice so that our customers always benefit from unparalleled service.

Benefits for customers with the HOsiHO Drone Network

The major advantage of the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network lies in the opportunity it offers to customers to access a high quality service. The profitability aspect comes not only in financial terms, but also in terms of time savings.

Safety and reliability are guaranteed by the competence of the network's member pilots, all certified and respecting strict regulatory standards. Their performance ensures optimal responsiveness to all requests.

Thanks to the geographical proximity of remote pilots throughout France, we respond quickly to your specific needs. This proximity also promotes a better understanding of local expectations to guarantee your customer satisfaction.

Map of France et Dom-Tom-Hosiho Network-USMap of France in the HOsiHO Network, with all the clickable french departments

Criteria and process for admission to the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network

Admission to the HOsiHO Drone Network takes place in several stages. First of all, it is imperative to meet certain criteria to be eligible: be an author signed by the HOsiHO image bank with 30 drone videos online, have a certificate of aptitude for piloting drones and proven professional experience in this field.

The admission process begins with the careful examination of the candidate's profile by our selection committee. Technical skills, mastery of relevant aviation regulations and the quality of the services provided are all elements taken into account.

Next, we look at the availability of departments filled by the candidate based on their head office address.

We constantly seek to select the best talents to guarantee exceptional service to our clients while scrupulously respecting the regulations inherent to the profession.

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