Aerial & Ground COVID-19 Images Request #206

Aerial Photos and Videos of Desert Cities (Worldwide)

Aerial / Drone / Ground COVID-19 Images Request #206

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HOsiHO customers will need Aerial / Drone / Ground footage and photos showing the urban life - worldwide - during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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HOsiHO's Brief:  

In these uncertain times, we, visual creators, must continue to create images for History.

There will be a high demand for images of completely empty cities and squares, of streets and roads without traffic, of deserted public gardens. 

If you are authorized to go out and film by your local authorities, consider taking photos / videos / timelapses - aerial and ground - of empty cities (avenues, monuments, squares, public parks, etc.).

As much for the news as for the memory (historical documentaries), and even for future advertising needs, when this Coronavirus pandemic has disappeared and it will be time of analyzing it,  and therefore to illustrate it.


The world will need images to remember and explain.

If you can fly legally and film your cities, it's time to do it.


We know that some authorities will refuse it, but some give their agreement.

If you need a letter from HOsiHO to support your permit deposit, please ask us.

Anyway, be careful while waiting for the end of this long and trying episode.


Type of project: TBC

Deadline : Asap


Please let us know if you can supply one of those requests in the coming days and upload it via your Contributor Portal naming the batch #Covid19

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