Our Teasers of aerial images posted on our Social Medias & Newsletters

Teaser Hosiho 01-2022
Teasers of aerial images posted on our Social Medias & Newsletters

Every month we put two destinations or themes in the spotlight with these Teasers widely displayed on our social medias and our newsletter. 

General teaser on the HOsiHO collection - January 2022

Thus, we not only highlight the most beautiful aerial images that we represent but also the authors who made them, often at the cost of great efforts.
Because let's not forget that making beautiful images with drones requires first of all to be in conformity with the drone regulations of the site and of the country flown over, to have made a good location for each point of elevation, to have a consequent budget to finance the logistics that this supposes: travel or displacement, hotel, restaurant, fixer and possible administrative expenses.

Teaser Special City of London with drone footage from the collection

Teaser Special City of Berlin with drone footage from the collection

This is why we do not sell off the work of our authors, and this is why they are still motivated enough to produce sublime images such as you can discover in these recent thematic compilations!

Teaser Special Italy with drone footage from the collection

Teaser Special City of Hamburg with drone footage from the collection

Teaser Special Spring Time with drone footage from the collection

Enjoy watching these drone videos and we look forward to helping you find the rare gems you need for your audiovisual productions!