Why No Black Friday on HOsiHO.com !

Here's why and how HOsiHO agency sustain its aerial visual artists

HOsiHO stock agency supports its aerial and creative images makers

 by participating to the operation :


Here's why and how.

Night sky and shooting stars in Romania, shot by Cristian Todea

Is it sustainable to offer massive discounts up to 50% and even 80%?

No, of course... Unless one charges too high the rest of the year!

Since its beginnings in February 2014, the image bank, specialized in aerial and

creative images, clearly stand aigainst the general trend of the race to the bottom,

mainly due to low fees charged by microstocks sites, and whose practice endangers

the future of a whole sector, once prosperous.

Convinced that it is not by heavily dropping prices that an industry can grow,

 it was quite obvious for HOsiHO to associates itself with the 650 brands gathered in the

MAKE FRIDAY GREEN AGAIN group and who all share a reality:

they will not do Black Friday promos on November 29, 2019 and will instead explain why

with pedagogy, this to restore reasoned and responsible consumption.

But HOsiHO has decided to go further with a Bonus coupon code!

Indeed, as a wink, the agency creates a coupon code,

valid for the Black Friday week, and allowing image buyers who wish,

to self-apply a symbolic bonus of 1% to all purchases carried out from

26/11 to 08/12/2019 on the HOsiHO platform.

A way to take the opposite of the Black Friday frenzy and show

their support for creation and contributors, to whom we pay 50% of every sale.


Support Coupon to Images Creators

Valid on HOsiHO.com


This NoBlackFriday code will add 1% to the cart.

Valid from 26/11 to 08/12/2019

How HOsiHO Sustain its Visual Content Artists ?

At its humble level, and through a set of clear actions, HOsiHO agency

considers that the practice of excessive and recurring promotions is likely to destroy

the production of new high-end images. Here are the basic principles that it applies

since always and that HOsiHO would like to see spread to all the stock image industry :

# 1 - Fair, simple and realistic pricing

For both the buyer and the author, calculated according to image use, and in a way that

encourages creative people to produce more and make a living from it, the agency to grow,

and the user to find a qualitative production, constantly expanded and renewed.

# 2 - A fair split

50% of each sale goes to the image provider.

Everyone is paid for the work he has done.

# 3 - No excessive discounts

Lowering a price is lowering the value of the work of the artist who creates these images.

HOsiHO never discounts more than 20%, nor offers subscriptions plans

and other Value Packs or PA sales, at incredibly low rates.

# 4 - No exclusive contributor contract

All signed HOsiHO contributors are free to sell their images directly or through other agencies

having more or less the same selling price. This freedom allows authors to

maximize the potential revenue from their images, provided that they avoid

to offer the same ones on the 'microstocks' sites, which, in addition to offering

videos or photos at very low costs, give a small share to their contributors, the site

keeping up to 70%/80% of any sales (for instance, an HD clip sold $79

will only bring its creator $24 to the videographer ...)

# 5 - Assistance and Advice

Contributors, especially new ones, are often lost in the jungle of stock image outlets.

HOsiHO takes the time to listen to them, understand them, advise them and suggest them

the best way or decision to make regarding the marketing of their portfolio.

Step one: let them know about our tips for stock image producers.

UK Banner HOSIHO-2018

# 6 - Accurate captions and keywords

Crucial step in the era of online image libraries : even a stunning image poorly

captioned will be badly indexed in a search engine. It may never be seen by a footage

or stills researcher, therefore will have low chances to sell.

The agency therefore checks all captions and keywords provided by the authors,

then correct it if necessary, and finally informs the contributor about what has been changed

or added to his metadatas. So, he will know what to do for the next submissions.

# 7 - Understanding Market Expectations

Producing to create is fine. Producing to sell is even better!

For this, HOsiHO provides the authors with several tools to help them know or

anticipate market needs: image views statistics;  frequently sought terms;

monthly selection of images sold; image requests sent by

  buyers needing images not yet available, either via the Facebook group or by email.

# 8 - New Artist’s images highlight

HOsiHO highlights the authors of the most beautiful submitted images.

Via its blog and social-medias, by publishing the most remarkable aerial videos.

Via its newsletter and the thematic galleries, including the Editors Picks and Best-Of ones.

This ensures the promotion of the agency quality and the great creativity of its contributors.

# 9 - Qualitative and not quantitative selection of images

By looking closely at every submitted image, the editors make a

qualitative selection of aerial footage and photos that buyers will have before their eyes.

What renders services to both parties: buyers having the quintessence of contributor's

production, and authors having a better idea of the level of excellence

required by the HOsiHO image collection.

# 10 - Aerial commissioned work

Most of the agency's contributors are aerial image professionals working

also under assignement. HOsiHO is happy to send them customers requests 

when received, either through the  Shoot-On-Demand service

or via  its drone operators network website. The relationship between customer and

artists is direct. HOsiHO does not take any share on any assignement services.

Woman walking with a rolling suitcase on a desert road in the Namib, Namibia, shot by Rick Ray/DVarchive


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