Extract a still image from any 4K video

For your printed publications or websites, it is now possible to extract a photo from any video.

New feature on HOsiHO.com

Extract a still image from any 4K video !

Now any registered visitor can extract, from a 4K video,

a still image of 8 megapixels or higher, and then

acquire the rights at the price of a photo license.

Extract UK - Red circles

A simple click on the Extract icon and you have access to a slider.

Just move it to the view that suits you the best and then click Extract.

A new page including the extracted photo will be created within 10 seconds and you will then be able to license the still image and download it immediately, at the native resolution of the video (4K or more).

This service allows our clients looking for photos for a printed story publication or a website, to extend the research field to our collection of aerial footage and timelapses, this in addition to our aerial photography collection.

Please note that the quality of the extracted photo strongly depends on the quality of the video from which it was taken and on the chosen moment. It can in no way be equal to a photo from a camera. We therefore recommend that you choose to extract a fixed view on slow, stable, and perfectly sharp video shots, in order to avoid images lacking sharpness.

Lastly, by ordering an image extracted from a video, you accept a lower quality than a true high-definition photograph. Don't hesitate to use the 100% magnifying tool to analyse the quality of the extracted frame.  No refund will be possible after the purchase, but the replacement by another image of the same video is foreseen, especially in case of sharpness concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if necessary.


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