Loupe tool : zoom-in at 100% on photos

New tool: view any still image at 100% before buying it

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Analyse at 100% any still image

with the Loupe tool!

Loupe 100% - Highlight - 2046163

Check photos at 100% with a magnifying tool

Now buyers can inspect any still image at 100% with our new magnifying tool.

We strongly recommend our clients to analyze the photos with this tool, so they will make sure it is good enough for their project, before licensing it !

It is very easy to use, just mouse-over the part of image to check and click. 

You will see a square pop up from a 100% enlarged area of the image. (there are up to 70 squares cropped to 100% for a single image).

This tool is particularly useful for photos extracted from a 4K video clip.

Loupe 100% - 2046163


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