HOsiHO releases an Image Bank Survival Guide!

HOsiHO releases an

Image Bank Survival Guide!


The agency specializing in aerial stock images and timelapses has just published a guide for professional visual artists wishing to market their work directly or through the numerous image banks in business.

Why an Image Bank Survival Guide for Visual Artists?

Because selling one's visual works - illustrations, photos and videos - is today a multidisciplinary expertise.

It is no longer enough to have talent and a stunning portfolio to be able to claim to live properly from one's artistic and creative work. It is necessary to know how to navigate in troubled and changing waters. Spending your time anticipating, analyzing, understanding and deciding, if possible judiciously, because any mistake is a serious waste of time in a universe where everything goes very fast.

The Internet and digital tools have opened up fantastic perspectives for image creators, who, depending on their affinity with these tools and their talent for communication, have been able to conquer the world in just a few weeks, ensuring great visibility and a great community of followers on social networks. But for a few who make it, how many remain anonymous and lost in the depths of the Web?

This guide is not intended to show you the paths leading to the Star Influencer that you will probably never be, but more simply to reveal the steps and traps that await you. This guide alone does not pretend to cover everything, especially not the legal part concerning the transfer of copyrights, but it should help you make the right choices and begin the pursuit of a great activity, on a solid and well thought-out basis, by and for you.

Here is the Guide's table of contents
Enough to satisfy one's curiosity!

Image Bank Survival Guide
Table of Contents

#0 The Golden Age of image banks is over since 2010
#1 Ask yourself the right questions and be patient
#2 Evaluate yourself - Be uncompromising - Be specialized
#3 Bet it all on the 1000
#4 How does it work and what is the purpose of an image bank?
#5 Criteria for choosing your image bank
#I  Insert: First questions to ask any stock images agency
#6 Kind of image banks to prefer and pitfalls to avoid

#7 Macrostock or Microstock: two models that everything opposes
#8 Earnings to expect (speculative projections)
#9 Exclusive contract: Pros or Cons?
#10 Optimal strategies, rates and percentages
#11 Photos or Videos ?
#12 Stagnation - Dilution - Discouragement: be ready to anticipate it
#13 Direct Selling: Panacea or Chimera?                                           
#14 Why not sell prints ?
#15 Going further


An in-depth approach to assist visual artists

This survival guide completes HOsiHO's global approach which is above all an illustration agency and which practices fair prices for both buyers and image creators. Far from the Microstock model, which is largely responsible, according to HOsiHO, for bringing the industry to the bottom.

HOsiHO's previous actions show its degree of involvement:created by artists, for artists

  • November 2020: Call to all image banks to stop the decline in authors' revenues, with a symbolic payment, for HOsiHO contributors, of 80% of December's sales, instead of the usual 50%.

  • March 2020 : Clear statement of the agency's philosophy in its Manifesto

  • November 2019: the agency joins the collective Make Friday Green Again, expressing its opposition to the delirious promotions practiced on Black Friday.

  • April 2019 : HOsiHO reveals valuable advice to artists to help them improve sales of their aerial and drone images

HOsiHO, a INA Partner Collection

Within the partnership between the INA and the HOsiHO agency, the collection of aerial images is also distributed by the french National Institute of Audiovisual (INA)

HOsiHO thus joins the prestigious partner collections presented on the professional platform inamediapro. A very positive acknowledgement for the agency.


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