Interview with Chris Sattlberger - Los Angeles, USA

Interview with Chris Sattlberger 

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Chris Sattlberger is a Visual creator, based in California and loves to fly and shoot aerial images (stills and footage), since almost ever!

With more than 400 aerial images online, produced those last five years, and shot mainly from helicopters in the Usa or Spain, we are very happy and proud to represent Chris Sattlberger impressive Portfolio !

Aerial View Slow Motion Herd Of Wild Horses Running Across Plain, Filmed From Helicopter, Colorado, United States © Chris Sattlberger / HOsiHO

How do you first define yourself ? 

Visual creator!

Where are you based and what is your main activity?

I'm base in the United-States, in Los Angeles, California; My main activity is shooting aerial motion followed by general motion for advertising and stock. Stills mainly for long-stablished clients.

How did you come to drone filming/photography (or helicopter, …) ?
I’ve always loved flying and started to shoot aerials as part of my stills jobs in the 1980s. Doing the same with a movie camera was a natural progression. I also am a commercial pilot for both airplanes and drones.

Are you also available for commissioned work in your area? 

Yes, absolutely. Please have a look at my references and experiences:
  • Aerial showreel:
  • Industry showreel:
  • Promo video for a Spanish aviation training company
  • Opening sequence of upcoming feature film ‘Silent Life’, Vlad Kozlov director
  • Additional footage for feature film ‘Art of Deception'
  • Drone sequences for political ads in 2018 mid-term campaign
  • Drone and stills work for Black&Veach and Jacobs Engineering 
  • TV ads (ground and drone) for 7 Cedars Casino, WA, USA
  • Helicopter stills work for Nevada Department of Transport, Las Vegas, NV.

Chris Sattlberger's selection of his aerial stock footage available in the HOsiHO collection


What gear do you use to create aerials and/or ground images?
RED Epic-W 8k for helicopter and ground-based work
DJI Phantom 4Pro for drone work

Countries or themes covered by your portfolio?

Mostly Spain in Europe (I used to live there) and western USA

Your next shooting projects?
A series of aerial and ground-based shoots around the western US

A final word?
I LOVE to fly and please come visit my website !!


chris-sattlberger helicopter_LAX4955

Chris Sattlberger in the helicopter at Los Angeles Airport, with his RED Epic-W 8k camera in hand


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