Featured Images of The Week #49, 2019 !

HOsiHO's weekly Editors Picks

Best Aerial & Timelpase Footage Uploaded on HOsiHO

- Week 49, 2019 -


Every week, we highlight some of the best aerial footage, photos or hyperlapses,

just received from our contributors and that we think are 

outstanding, powerful, and very creative !

It's our way of honoring them and showing our customers the incredible

treasures our collection has to offer!

This week we particularly liked images from

France with Paris, Alsace, Coutances and a Refinery in the Usa.

Beautiful aerial view of Sacre-Coeur church and Paris at sunrise, on Butte-Montmartre, in winter, France

filmed with a drone by Charly Lataste, a parisian talented cinematographer/photographer, who loves to capture 

amazing shots at early morning lights, either in the capital of France or Corsica !

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Winter is always a fantastic season for image makers !

Here we can admire a frozen lanscape between forest and a village in a valley, shot with a drone,

by Ludovic Lutz/Skypic, a french professional drone pilot based in Alsace and also part of our

Drone Network. Ludovic is also very keen with Japan where he often travels 

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Aerial footage filmed at night by drone over a gigantic oil refinery located in the USA, by Rick Ray.

As a longtime filmmaker and frequent traveler, Rick found DVarchive, from which you can acquire

the Aerial collection on HOsiHO. Rick is always on the go, on the lookout for the wonders of this world

as much human, urban or natural!

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Beautiful morning light on this drone shot ascending along the cathedral of Coutances, in Normandy,

filmed by Thibault Beguet, based in Rennes, who undertook to build a solid

aerial footage portfolio in his region, on occasions, requests, and with fabulous lights of course!

Many thanks to all our fantastic contributors !

- More next week -

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Week 49-UK